The Alchemist

Priyanka is the founder of the jewellery brand, Aamaya by Priyanka..

"Since 2008, she has channelled her inherent wanderlust and passion for all things beautiful and spiritual into the brand. Inspired by her Indian heritage and global travels, her truly autobiographical collections fuse the vibrant colours of the East with a Western slant, resulting in edgy, whimsical and entirely unique pieces created from gold, silver and semi-precious stones.

She takes a holistic approach to the running of the business, combining her natural creativity, cool business head and a strong social conscience.

2016 has been essential, as ‘0 Point Projects’ was created

The mission of 0 Point Projects is to transform education from the first steps of Pre-School all the way to University into an interactive and creative journey.

In addition, Priyanka has authored a number of books, from "Being a Lightworker", the "Consciousness Notebooks" to a collection of poetry named "Elemental"."