The Vision


Dear Friends,

Aamaya by Priyanka has established itself as one of the leading accessible luxury jewellery brands of our time.

For years now, we have followed the pulse set out by the fashion world. Delivery four innovative collections a year, produce non stop, be active in media, events and noticed at all times.
Where is the peace? After all we are human beings and not human doings.
Being means presence of mind, presence of spirit, presence of the moment. As my quest is for light, peace and being are at the core of this foundation.
I no longer wish to follow a dictated rhythm set out by society, but instead I will follow the rhythm of my intuition, this is how my creativity will thrive and continue to adorn your atheistic.
There is a freedom in being able to share your inner pull with the world. My fascination towards symbols and the cosmos is reflected in all of the pieces created.

My inspirations are not bound by time or coding.

So I welcome you to the Aamaya by Priyanka universe.